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Why Fiber is Far Better than Co-ax Cable

You can't beat fiber for speed and reliability. Old coaxial cable just can't match the abilities of fiber optic cable.

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Metronet Announces Start of Installations in Fayetteville, NC

Metronet brings fiber optic services directly to homes and businesses across America with affordable, symmetrical speeds



How to Program Your Metronet DVR

We can help get you started with your Metronet DVR set up. Check out our getting started video.

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What Makes 100% Fiber So Special?

Why is everyone talking about fiber and what it can do for your internet and more.



Don’t Bury Your Chances for Lightning Fast Speed

Learn about fiber connections and best practices for keeping them protected and avoiding downtime and damage.



From Sixty to Zero

What to do when your fiber-optic system fails.

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Get the MyMetronet Portal Mobile App Now!

As a Metronet customer, you can now access your Metronet account when it’s convenient for you and right from the palm of your hand



Earn a $50 Account Credit for Each Metronet Referral!

When you love your internet, you'll want to share the news. Our referral program will get you rewards.



Introducing the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)

You may be eligible for up to $30 off your internet service!

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Meet Metronet’s Damage Prevention Hero

The safety of community members where we are constructing our networks is of paramount importance to Metronet.

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Proceed with Caution!

When Metronet crews begin construction, we make every effort to notify the communities surrounding that construction.

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Don’t Let Others Steal your Speed

Read ahead to learn about the best ways to protect your Wi-Fi from being used by others or exposing your valuable data.

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Press Releases

Metronet Announces Expansion of 100 Percent Fiber Optic Network to Daytona Beach

Expansion to include Surrounding Communities, Construction and Begins this Summer

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Metronet to Invest $130 Million to Build Fiber to the Premise Network

Move Will Make Colorado Springs a Certified Gigabit City with 100% fiber internet services available throughout the city


Press Releases

Bargersville, IN to Become Certified Gigabit City

Metronet Has Begun Construction on Bargersville’s 100% Fiber Optic Network