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Metronet 100% <strong>Fiber Internet</strong>

Metronet 100% Fiber Internet

Metronet fiber internet delivers the speed and reliability you need to work, stream, game, and so much more. Sign up today and start loving your internet.

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Internet Designed With You in Mind
We offer several fiber internet plans so you can find the speed and pricing that's right for your household.


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Fiber Internet Keeps You Connected to the World Around You

Elevate your online experience with Metronet. Our 100% fiber network provides seamless connectivity so you can work, game, and stream simultaneously without interruptions in service. Fast upload and download speeds make it easy to send and receive large amounts of data without compromising the speed or quality of your connection.

Metronet has no data caps, so you can use all the data you need on all of your devices. With fiber's impressive bandwidth and single connection, you can use your internet how you want, when you want.

Metronet Internet is Lightning-Fast
Expect more from your internet. Choose Metronet and experience the 100% fiber difference.
With speed options ranging from 100 Mb to Multi-Gig, it's easy to find a plan that accommodates your household's internet usage.
Reliable Connection
Whether you're working from home, gaming, or streaming your favorite shows and movies, you can count on our reliable 100 % fiber network.
Symmetrical Speeds
Experience smooth and seamless video chats, file transfers, and gaming with fiber's equal upload and download speeds.
Equipment Included
Choose Metronet fiber and get a free eero wireless router* for an impressive WiFi experience. WholeHome WiFi is also available.
24/7 Support
Our customer care associates live and work in the communities we serve, so we're always available if you need us.
No Data Caps
Use all the data you want on all of the devices you need. With Metronet fiber internet, you never have to worry about data caps or throttling, even with heavy usage.

Have Questions? We Have Answers!

Frequently Asked Questions About Metronet 100% Fiber Internet

What is fiber internet?

  • Fiber internet is a broadband internet connection that uses fiber optic cables to transmit data and information in the form of light, not electricity. Light signals facilitate high-speed data transmission with minimal signal loss or delay.

What makes fiber different?

  • Traditional cable internet uses coaxial cables to send and receive data, which limits the amount of data that can be transmitted. Fiber internet uses fiber-optic cables, resulting in significantly faster internet speeds, as well as symmetrical upload and download speeds. Bandwidth is another major difference. Cable internet is a shared connection. Many ISPs use throttling (intentionally limiting internet speed) during peak usage times. Fiber internet is a single connection, meaning you don't share bandwidth with your neighbors and never have to worry about throttling or a slow connection during times of heavy internet usage.

Does fiber internet require a modem?

  • Metronet technicians will install an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) when getting your home connected. Similar to a cable modem, the ONT bridges the connection between the exterior and interior of your home.

Is fiber internet secure?

  • Fiber internet provides a secure connection, because it is more difficult to intercept data transmission with fiber-optic cables compared to traditional cables. You can make your network even more secure by using safety protocals like creating strong passwords and enabling encryption.

How is fiber internet installed?

  • On installation day, a tech will arrive at your location and explain the entire process to you. Your tech will run the fiber line from outside into your home, then a utility box will be attached to the exterior of your home. Next, your tech will run the fiber line from the main line on your street to the utility box on your home. The line will be connected to your ONT, then mounted to a wall in your home. When installation is complete, you'll be able to enjoy the speed and reliability of Metronet 100% fiber internet.

* Offers subject to change; available to new residential customers only. May not be combined with other offers. Services are subject to all applicable terms and conditions located at www.metronet.com. An eero router is provided at no additional cost when purchasing Metronet internet speeds up to 2 Gb; and equipment must be returned at time of cancellation. Gift Card offer requires purchase of 1 Gb/1 Gb or 2 Gb/2 Gb speeds July 19, 2024 - August 19, 2024. To redeem gift card offer, customer must pay for 2 full months of qualified service(s). After 2 full months of payments, a link will be emailed to the account holder to claim the gift card. If eligible, your gift card will be mailed in 6-8 weeks. If qualified services are canceled or downgraded before the 12th month, the gift card amount will be billed to the customer account. One gift card offer per household. Upon any service suspension or voluntary service downgrade, pricing will revert to Metronet's then-current standard rates.**A trademark of Ziff Davis, LLC. Used under license. Reprinted with permission.© 2024 Ziff Davis, LLC. All Rights Reserved. The advertised price does not include applicable taxes and fees (including installation fees and $12.95 per month Tech Assure fee).