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Reliable <strong>Home Pho</strong><strong>ne</strong> Service

Reliable Home Phone Service

Unlimited Phone delivers peace of mind a cell phone alone can't.


Why Choose Home Phone from Metronet?

Stay connected to the world around you with home phone service from Metronet. With our Unlimited Phone Plan, you get the reliability of a 100% fiber network and crystal clear communication.

In today's world, constant connectivity is important. A home phone plan is ideal for families with children too young for cell phones and those who are more comfortable with traditional phones than mobile devices. Installed quickly by a trained Metronet technician, Unlimited Phone uses your fiber internet connection, doesn't require additional equipment, and allows you to use existing jacks and any phone you want.

Our Unlimited Phone Plan comes with 17 unique features including unlimited local and long-distance calling in the United States and Canada, caller ID, three-way calling, voicemail, call waiting, anonymous call rejection, call blocking, and more for one low monthly price.

Enjoy added peace of mind with optional battery backup. For a one-time additional fee, you can add our battery backup service, so you'll remain connected even in the event of an emergency.
Benefits of Metronet's Home Phone Service
Here are a few ways you'll enjoy Unlimited Phone when you add it to your fiber internet service.
Quick Installation
Use existing phone jacks and any phone you want with Metronet's Unlimited Phone Plan.
Reliable Connection
Our 100% fiber-optic network provides reliable service, so you can stay in contact.
Clear Communication
Better sound quality means you'll hear every word of your conversations clearly.
Selective Blocking
Block anonymous calls and use selective blocking to minimize unwanted disruptions and spam calls.
Call Forwarding
Direct calls to any other telephone number easily so you never miss an important call.
Battery Backup
Optional battery backup keeps you connected in the event of an emergency. Available for an added fee.

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Basic Home Phone
Customers in select markets can sign up for basic phone service without an internet plan. Call us at 866-892-9758 to learn more and see if basic phone is available in your area.


Unlimited Phone for Your Home-Based Business

Whether you photograph weddings, bake incredible cupcakes, or design and make clothing, running a business out of your home is not easy. Fortunately, Unlimited Phone from Metronet can help ease some of the burden.

Our fiber phone service protects your personal information while constantly keeping you connected to your customers. If you're frequently on the go, you can forward calls to your mobile phone, so you never miss a call from a client. With features like voicemail, call waiting, caller ID, and more Unlimited Phone provides you with the tools you need for cost-effective communication with your customers.

Have Questions About Metronet Unlimited Phone? We Have Answers!


Are there any additional monthly charges when adding home phone to my fiber internet plan?

  • No. When you add Unlimited Phone to your internet plan, you pay one low monthly fee. Battery backup services are available for a one-time additional fee.

Do I need to purchase additional equipment to add Unlimited Phone?

  • No. Unlimited Phone is a VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol) phone service. VoIP service uses a broadband internet connection to make phone calls rather than a regular phone line. Your Metronet technician will install an ONT (Optical Network Terminal) to connect your fiber internet. You can use existing phone jacks and any phone you want, so you don’t need to purchase any additional equipment from Metronet.

Can I keep my current phone number?

  • Yes. We know that switching numbers can be a huge hassle, so we make things easy for you with Unlimited Phone. We will work with you to port over your current number, so nobody needs to learn a new one!

Will I get help setting up my home phone?

  • Yes. When you order Unlimited Phone, you can select your installation time, and one of our friendly technicians will set up your service.

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