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<strong>Safety </strong>is Paramount at Metronet

Safety is Paramount at Metronet

“Safety is the beginning of our work day, every day. Every associate and every contractor is a member of our safety team and we are among the best in the industry at protecting health and property.” – John Cinelli, Metronet CEO


Metronet Safety: 100% Different, 100% Award Winning

The safety of community members where we are constructing our networks is of paramount importance to Metronet. Likewise, keeping our crews and associates safe is one of our highest priorities. We have a dedicated safety and quality assurance team which manages a comprehensive safety program focused on construction damage prevention and employee and contractor safety.
SAFETY TRAININGMetronet University: Our Safety Training Facility

At Metronet, we prioritize safety within all our markets. We provide every employee with advanced safety training, and we are continuously improving safety processes and protocols. With our central training facility located in Evansville, Indiana, we ensure that employees receive consistent training to remain diligent and cautious in the field. Metronet University is a state-of-the-art training facility where technicians gain real-world experience in all things related to the installation of Metronet’s 100% fiber-optics. Click on the video to preview the hands-on training our technicians receive.