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WholeHome WiFi<strong><strong> that works.</strong></strong>

WholeHome WiFi that works.

When a single wireless router just isn't enough.


What is WholeHome WiFi?

A single eero wireless router is included with most Metronet internet plans up to 2 Gb, which is perfect for small homes and apartments but...

If your home is over 1500 sq. ft. or you need to expand your WiFi coverage, our standard WholeHome WiFi package is the perfect choice and can be added to your internet plan when you purchase.

Our standard WholeHome WiFi solution, powered by eero, is an innovative WiFi system designed to maximize your fiber internet experience. By adding additional wireless access points where you need them, standard WholeHome WiFi elevates the way you connect providing a seamless, reliable, and expansive internet connection, anywhere in your home.

For internet plans over 2 Gb, please read more about our Premium WiFi solution below.
WholeHome WiFi Features
Here is what is included when you add standard WholeHome WiFi to your plan.
Expert Installation
A Metronet technician will fully assess your home and make equipment placement recommendations during installation. Their expert evaluation will help ensure full WiFi coverage throughout your home.
Made For Your Home
eero optimizes its performance based on your network layout, connected devices, and overall network usage. This results in fast speed, maximum coverage, and a reliable connection.
Full Coverage
Our WholeHome WiFi ensures end to end coverage in your home with no dead spots, so you’re always connected. Depending on the size of your home, additional devices may be required at an additional cost.
Avoids Conflict
TrueMesh is a patented eero technology that relies on dynamic routing algorithms and real-time data to optimize your connection based on usage.
Corrects Itself
If an eero device drops offline, our TrueMesh technology determines the ideal path for WiFi traffic among your eero devices, so your signal stays strong.
Makes WiFi Easy
eero devices make managing your WiFi network simple with easy controls and monitoring on the eero mobile app.

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Add WholeHome WiFi To Any Of These Internet Speeds
Expand your WiFi coverage by adding WholeHome WiFi to any of the fiber internet plans below.


100 Mb



500 Mb


FREE $100 Gift Card

1 Gig


FREE $100 Gift Card

2 Gig



What Is Premium WiFi?

Premium internet needs a Premium WiFi solution. For customers in our Multi-Gig markets, we now offer the latest in WiFi technology, Wi-Fi 7, with the new eero Max 7.

Wi-Fi 7 technology is built to support faster speeds, lower latency, increased capacity, and is more efficient than previous generations. Customers who use Wi-Fi 7 with Metronet's 100% fiber network will see some of the fastest WiFi speeds they’ve ever experienced. eero Max 7 premium WiFi routers are available on our 5 Gig plans at an additional monthly cost.

Premium WholeHome WiFi
Convert your Premium WiFi experience to Premium WholeHome WiFi by adding two or more eero Max 7 routers to your Multi-Gig internet plan. eero Max 7 routers can easy be configured to work seamlessly together to maximize your home's WiFi network allowing you to start enjoying the same premium fiber internet speeds you signed-up for, on Wi-Fi 7 compatible devices.


Premium Services For A Better Internet Experience.

eero Plus adds premium features and services to your eero WiFi including internet back-up, ad blocking, content filters, parental controls, eero Dynamic DNS, 1Password, Malwarebytes, and VPN powered by Guardian.
  • Internet back-up: eero Internet Backup is an innovative feature of eero Plus that lets you add alternate wireless backup connections—like a hotspot—to keep your WiFi up and running.
  • Ad Blocking and Content Filters: eero Plus helps improve your internet experience by blocking a variety of intrusive ads on your devices for a better browsing experience. Content filters allow you to easily set restrictions for designated devices based on age range.
  • eero Dynamic DNS: With DDNS, remotely access your home devices and content through an easy-to-use URL so that even as your IP address changes, your access does not.
  • 1Password: Have a hard time remembering all your passwords? Why bother? With 1Password, the only login you need is the one for your 1Password account. It will save them for you.
  • Malwarebytes: Malwarebytes is an anti-malware solution that scans, cleans, and helps protect your computers and mobile devices from viruses, ransomware, and more.
  • VPN powered by Guardian: Makes your internet connection secure and private.

* Offers subject to change; available to new residential customers only. May not be combined with other offers. Services are subject to all applicable terms and conditions located at www.metronet.com. An eero router is provided at no additional cost when purchasing Metronet internet speeds up to 2 Gb; and equipment must be returned at time of cancellation. Gift Card offer requires purchase of 1 Gb/1 Gb or 2 Gb/2 Gb speeds July 19, 2024 - August 19, 2024. To redeem gift card offer, customer must pay for 2 full months of qualified service(s). After 2 full months of payments, a link will be emailed to the account holder to claim the gift card. If eligible, your gift card will be mailed in 6-8 weeks. If qualified services are canceled or downgraded before the 12th month, the gift card amount will be billed to the customer account. One gift card offer per household. Upon any service suspension or voluntary service downgrade, pricing will revert to Metronet's then-current standard rates.**A trademark of Ziff Davis, LLC. Used under license. Reprinted with permission.© 2024 Ziff Davis, LLC. All Rights Reserved. The advertised price does not include applicable taxes and fees (including installation fees and $12.95 per month Tech Assure fee).