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About Us

Metronet is PCMag's “Fastest Major ISP for 2023,” providing multi-gigabit internet service to homes and businesses in cities like Colorado Springs, Des Moines, Indianapolis, Lexington, Norfolk, Tallahassee, and more than 300 other communities across 17 states. Expanding its fiber-optic network in more than 90 communities at any one time, Metronet has become the country's largest and fastest growing privately owned fiber-to-the-home company.

Headquartered in Evansville, Indiana, Metronet built its first 100% fiber-optic network in 2005, connecting nearby Greencastle to the internet at breathtaking speeds only seen, at the time, in large metropolitan areas. Today, more than two million homes and businesses have access to Metronet’s fiber-optic network, with each community benefiting from the investment in their city’s economic vitality and quality of life.
Metronet Leadership
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Dave Heimbach

Dave is the president and CEO of Metronet, leading the company's emergence as the leading privately held fiber-to-the-home company. Prior to...

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Sarah Overbaugh

Sarah was named Metronet's Chief Financial Officer in 2023. Apart from her daily management of the company's finances, she spearheaded Metronet's pioneering...