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100 Mb

FREE Installation!

  • Basic internet usage

  • Up to 5 devices connected at once

  • Light streaming

  • Listening to music

  • Posting to social media

  • Same upload and download speeds

  • Includes eero wireless router

500 Mb

FREE Installation!

  • Moderate internet usage

  • Up to 15 devices connected at once

  • Streaming shows in HD

  • Utilizing multiple apps simultaneously

  • Working and studying from home

  • Same upload and download speeds

  • Includes eero wireless router

1 Gig

FREE Installation!

  • Heavy internet usage

  • Unlimited devices connected at once

  • HD & 4K Streaming on multiple devices

  • Working/studying/video calling from home

  • Multi-player gaming

  • Uploading/downloading large files

  • Same upload and download speeds

  • Includes eero wireless router

2 Gig

FREE Installation!

  • Extreme Internet usage

  • Unlimited devices connected at once

  • HD & 4K-8K Streaming on multiple devices

  • Working/studying/video calling from home

  • Extreme multi-player gaming

  • Uploading, downloading, sending large files

  • Same upload and download speeds

  • Includes eero wireless router

100% Fiber Internet
Delivering the best possible experience for your entire household.
With Metronet, here's what you can expect:
100% Fiber Internet
Nothing compares to the fiber internet speeds delivered directly to your home. No sharing bandwidth with your neighbors.
No Data Caps
No surprise charges or long-term contracts. Use all the data you need on all your devices. No data caps. No throttling.
Ultimate Streaming
Stream live TV and your favorite shows, series, movies, and more simultaneously on multiple devices with virtually no buffering.
24/7 Local Support
Get help when you need it from our friendly customer care associates who live and work in the communities we serve.
Symmetrical Speeds
Whether uploading or downloading, enjoy symmetrical speeds for a seamless online experience.
Equipment Included
Free eero wireless router included for an exceptional WiFi experience. WholeHome WiFi also available.


More Coverage

Our WholeHome WiFi takes your internet to new places, literally. Say goodbye to dead zones and buffering - even when the whole family is online. As you add more devices, your connection stays strong and doesn't slow you down. You can manage your home network easily through the eero app. Your technician will determine where you need extended coverage, and make sure you have a consistently strong signal for working, streaming, gaming, and browsing no matter where you are in your home.

Why Metronet Fiber?

Built for Internet

Fiber was specifically built for data. 100% fiber delivers more bandwidth than cable, giving you ridiculously fast, reliable internet.


Symmetrical means uploading and downloading at the same incredible speeds, for more capacity on more devices.

Unlimited Data

Tired of data caps and being charged if you exceed them? Metronet lets you use as much as you want on all your devices.


Our 100% fiber network is directly connected to your home, giving you a connection that is yours and yours alone.


Internet Made for Streaming

Metronet provides the ultimate internet experience to stream television content. Cut the pricey cable subscription and choose your streaming provider to give you more flexibility, features, and save money! YouTube TV or Hulu Live offers your favorite channels, including locals, and many other features. Ready to start streaming, but unsure about what content you need or want? Click below to find streaming options that fit your household’s viewing needs.


Stay Connected

Keep in touch with all those who are important to you. Get Metronet's Unlimited Phone Plan and enjoy unlimited local and long-distance calling in the United States and Canada. Plus 17 calling features including voicemail, call forwarding, and caller ID. All this for one low price. Metronet's Unlimited Phone Plan makes it easy to stay connected and gives you additional peace of mind that a cell phone alone can't provide.

Symmetrical speeds for seamless gaming

Enjoy uninterrupted online gaming thanks to our fast, symmetrical speeds ensuring low latency, no lag-gameplay and best-in-class communication for multi-player gaming. Metronet's 100% fiber network has got your back!