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Level Up Your Gaming With <strong>Fiber Intern</strong><strong>et</strong>
Level Up Your Gaming With <strong>Fiber Intern</strong><strong>et</strong>

Level Up Your Gaming With Fiber Internet

Game what you want, how you want, when you want with the speed and reliability of our 100% fiber network. Sign up today to see what our fiber internet can do for your game.

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Fiber Internet Means More Bandwidth, More Speed, More Fun

In online gaming, you're only as good as your internet connection. If you're tired of rage quitting your favorite games, it's time to upgrade your internet.

Metronet fiber internet offers impressive speed, low latency, less lag, clear communication for multiplayer gaming, and reliable service. Our 100% fiber network ensures uninterrupted gameplay and immediate response so you can game without missing a second of the action.

With symmetrical upload and download speeds, you can send and receive large amounts of data while enjoying smooth and seamless gaming. Don't let your internet hold you back. Switch to fiber today to elevate your online gaming.

Don't Let Your Internet Hold You Back
Unlock more achievements with internet that's designed to perform. Upgrade your internet to Metronet 100% fiber today.


500 Mb


$100 Amazon.com Gift Card

1 Gig


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2 Gig


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5 Gig



PCMagazine's Best Gaming Internet Service Provider in 2024

Metronet is proud to be recognized by PCMagazine as one of the Top Gaming ISPs in 2024. According to PCMagazine, "Metronet is a major fiber provider in the Midwest, where it puts its technology to great use. In this set of tests, Metronet is still the fastest and provides the best quality a gamer can get."

What makes our fiber internet so great for gaming?
  • Low latency
  • Higher bandwidth
  • Impressive upload speeds
  • Reliable performance
  • Single connection
  • No data caps
Find out how you can take your gaming to the next level with 100% fiber internet. We can help you choose the plan that's perfect for all of your gaming needs.
Enhance Your Gaming Experience
Metronet 100% fiber internet provides the features you need to ensure a fast, reliable, victory-claiming online gaming experience.
Our 100% fiber network ensures responsive gaming with low ping time and latency for a seamless experience.
Metronet 100% fiber gives you the speed you need for flawless gaming now, and it ensures you are ready for whatever the future of gaming brings.
Symmetrical Speeds
Fast upload speeds allow you to game without jitters, while download speeds make downloading new games, DLC, updates, or patches quick and easy.
Reliable Connection
With the reliability of our 100% fiber network, you can stop worrying about disconnections in the middle of the action.
Immersive Gaming
Fiber internet can handle gameplay, streaming, video calls, and more simultaneously, creating a fully immersive gaming experience.
Multiple Speeds
From 100 Mb to Multi-Gig internet, we deliver service and speeds designed to accommodate and enhance your gaming experience.

Have Questions? We Have Answers!

Frequently Asked Questions About Metronet 100% Fiber Internet for Gaming

How does fiber enhance the gaming experience compared to traditional broadband or DSL?

  • Fiber internet offers significantly higher speeds and lower latency than traditional broadband or DSL. This means less lag and buffering, quicker response times, and an overall smoother gaming session.

Is fiber internet good for multiplayer gaming?

  • Fiber internet is perfect for multiplayer gaming. Because fiber internet ensures consistent performance, even during peak usage times, the low latency and minimal delay create a smooth gaming experience. Additionally, the fast upload speeds fiber offers contribute to smoother voice and video communication, making it easier than ever to contribute to your team.

What is bandwidth and why does it matter?

  • Cable internet is a shared connection, so bandwidth is split between households. Fiber internet offers significantly more bandwidth than cable, and it's not a shared connection. No matter how many people near you are streaming or playing online games, you'll still get to enjoy a seamless gaming experience.

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