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eero Mobile App

The eero mobile app is available on iOS and Android. Every eero user will need to have the eero App installed on their personal device so they can manage their eero network.

The eero Dashboard is the starting point when opening the app. From here, users can choose what they’d like to check, manage, and troubleshoot on their eero Network.

From the bottom menu selection, eero users can navigate to many of the eero App features:

Home: This gives information about the eeros and devices currently connected to the eero network.

Activity: This gives users a view of their network's past activity including speed tests and advanced security. This area also has controls for network-wide eero Secure settings should they have an eero Secure subscription.

Discover: This area gives information about new features and eero Secure.

Settings: This section gives access to the router settings and advanced settings.

eero details: Through the app, users can access information on their eero, as well as take certain actions such as managing the LED/nightlight and restarting or removing their eero.

Status: This section represents the online status of the eero.

Connection Details: The connection type that an eero has to the network. Wireless eeros also have a health status represented by five (5) bars.

Connected Devices: Selecting connected devices will show the user all the devices connected to this particular eero.

Location: This will be the name given to the eero based on its location in the home. The name can be changed at any time by tapping into the next page.

LED Light: From here, the user can toggle their eero’s LED on/off.

IP Address: The device’s current IP address

eero OS Version: The version of the eero software currently on the eero.

Family Profiles:

For most families, Wifi is a central tool: everything from video games to homework relies on a network connection. However, sometimes online time needs to be managed, and with Family Profiles, customers can create schedules to set online times for certain users and their devices. Family profiles are designed to assign the devices on a network to specific users within the home. With Family Profiles created, a user can assign scheduled pauses so all the devices under that user profile are unable to use the internet during a certain time, such as dinner, bedtime, or homework.