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Metronet Equipment Return Instructions

Below are the equipment return instructions. Please return all equipment with remotes and power cords.

Metronet Equipment Return Instructions for The UPS Store

Customer Instructions:

  1. Locate the nearest participating location by either of the following two options:
    • Go to http://theupsstore.com/locations, enter address information and choose the most convenient location
    • Call 800.789.4623 and request the nearest The UPS Store® location
  2. Please take this document (along with your equipment) to The UPS Store location and tell the center associate you are part of the Corporate Retail Solutions Returns program for Metronet. You will need to provide your Subscriber ID.
  3. Please bring all equipment, including remote controls and power cords. You do not need to return any ethernet cables or fiber optic cables. The UPS Store will take care of packaging and shipping your equipment back to us at no cost to you.
  4. Shortly after dropping off the equipment you will receive an email receipt from Metronet confirming the equipment has been received.

Instructions for The UPS Store location:

Center Associate:

Follow the instructions listed below and ring up all charges in your POS. If you have questions regarding how to process this transaction, call Tech Support.

  1. The customer will arrive at your center to have their equipment packed and shipped.
  2. Access the appropriate CAMS workflow. Search for "Metronet" on the CAMS homepage and access the 'Metronet Customer Returns' workflow.
  3. Enter the required information into the workflow and press "Next" to complete the transaction.

Note: You will not charge the customer for this transaction. You will receive payment on your monthly PRP.