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I'm not Getting the Internet Speeds for Which I Signed up, What Should I do?

For accurate results, you must connect directly to your router using a network cable. Test your speed by clicking HERE.

There are steps you can take to ensure your entire home is enjoying top speeds on all devices.

Check out this video for information about maximizing your internet speeds. There is additional information below regarding things you can do to ensure you are getting the fastest speeds possible. If you are still having speed issues, give our 24/7 technical support team a call at 844-684-0215.

  1. The location of your wireless router and the distance from your router to your device(s) play key roles in internet connectivity and consistency.
    • How close is your device to the router?
    • Have you tested in more than one location?
    • You will get the best performance when your router is close to your devices and not blocked by concrete or plaster, often found in older homes.

    Another helpful hint for wireless users: Try switching to the 5GHz option already available on your router. This frequency may allow for faster wireless downloads.

  2. Programs running in the background could have a negative impact on speed test results. Close all other programs accessing the internet (do not download or upload when testing) and power off any other devices sharing your home network.
  3. If you live close to other homes, a strong Wi-Fi password is a necessity. A neighbor “borrowing” your Wi-Fi could adversely affect your speeds.
  4. It is possible to extend the radius of your Wi-Fi with a Wi-Fi extender, which Metronet can provide.
  5. The browser you use matters. It is important to be using the most updated version of your browser of choice, whether it is Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, or Explorer. Visit the browser’s website to determine if you are using the most current version.
  6. Each individual device has a maximum speed capability, which can affect your online experience. Your device speed depends upon four things:
    The age of the device, the type of wireless equipment in the device, the speed of the device’s processor, and the types of apps running in the device
  7. Lastly, viruses and malware slow down performance. Keep your devices clean so they perform at peak capacity.