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Call Return *69 (Automatic Callback)

Call Return remembers the phone number of the last party who called your phone and can automatically redial it for you. If someone tries to call while you’re on the phone or while you’re away from home, Call Return allows you to automatically call back the last party.

To use Call Return: Press *69

Listen for an announcement which gives you the phone number of the party who last called you. If you wish to return the call, follow the prompts given to you over the phone.

Note: There is no time limit for returning a missed call: however, you will only be able to return the last incoming call you received. If the number you are trying to reach is outside the area served by Call Return, you will hear a recording advising you that the call cannot be made.

Tip: If you receive a call while you are on the phone and Call Waiting is activated (you will hear the Call Waiting tone), use Call Return to dial the second caller after the first call is complete. That way you don’t have to interrupt your first call.