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Call Forwarding No Answer

This feature redirects an incoming call to another phone number if the call is not answered before the phone rings four times. This feature is typically used to direct unanswered calls to voicemail, and is useful if you want calls redirected only when the phone is in use.

To use Call Forwarding No Answer: Press *32

Dial the number to which calls are to be forwarded (the “forward-to” number). Wait for the number to ring and for someone to answer your call (see note). After someone has answered your call, hang up.

To activate this feature, you must be on the phone from which calls will be forwarded and you must call and connect to the “forward-to” number. If the line is busy or no one answers, repeat activation steps 1 and 2 within two minutes of your first attempt to save the forward-to number. Listen for the confirmation tone, then hang up (activation occurs automatically on the second attempt even if the phone is not answered, as long as the second attempt is made no later than two minutes after the first attempt).

To cancel Call Forwarding No Answer: Press *82 Listen for the confirmation tone. Hang up.

Note: Calls forwarded to long-distance telephone numbers will incur long-distance charges for the full duration of the forwarded call. These charges will appear on your bill. If you are a Metronet Voicemail customer, this feature was automatically enabled when your services were installed. If you disable this feature, Voicemail will not be able to receive certain unanswered calls. This feature can be combined with Call Forwarding Busy Line if desired.