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Updating Your Online Banking Payee Information

NOTE: This article only applies to Metronet customers who have received a letter or email about updating payment information.

Here is some important information about your payment method with Metronet. Metronet’s company name and address information used for your online banking bill payment has changed and needs to be updated within the banking platform you use.

To ensure correct and timely payments to Metronet, please contact your financial institution to update the payee information, directing all future payments to METRONET 630546. If required by your financial institution, the full payment address information can be found on your most recent Metronet invoice and is also provided below.

Payment Address:
PO Box 630546
Cincinnati, OH 45263-0546

What exactly has changed?

  • We have recently updated our company name that is used when paying through an online bill pay service. This could have been with a traditional bank, a credit union, an electronic “pay-to” service, or any other similar entities. Prior company names used when customers originally set up online bill payments could have been:
    • Metro Fibernet LLC
    • Cinergy Metronet
    • Jaguar Communications MN

When do I need to make this change?

  • This change needs to be made immediately. Metronet’s company name used when paying through an online bill pay service has already been changed. To avoid any potential delays with your payment, please update your online banking platform as soon as possible.

What happens if I use an online bill pay service and I don’t take the action you are requesting?

  • Metronet will still receive your payment; however, once received, the payment must be manually applied to the correct entity, potentially resulting in delays that could cause issues with your Metronet account.

How do I make this requested change?

  • Typically, when creating a “Payee” through your bank or online payment service, you will enter information specific to Metronet.
  • If you use this type of payment method, you need to go into your online banking app or website and update the Metronet payee information to the name and 6 digit identification number found on your latest invoice and also referenced in the letter and/or email you recently received.
  • If you still have trouble locating the Metronet name and 6-digit identification number, you may need to delete what you currently have setup for Metronet and then set up a new “Payee.” When doing so, you will type the word “Metronet” in the Payee field, and 3 options should populate. You should then select the 6-digit number shown on your Metronet invoice, or in the letter and/or email you recently received. Once selected, create the new “Payee” and use this option when paying your Metronet invoice going forward.
  • If your bank is unable to populate the information with the 6-digit code referenced, you may need to update the payee information for Metronet within the banking app or website using Metronet’s full address. This will match what is on the remittance slip on your monthly invoice:


If I mail a check, has anything changed?

  • The mailing address for physical check payments has been updated on your invoice’s remittance section. No changes are required if you submit the pre-printed remittance section when mailing your check. Checks should still be made out to “Metronet”.

I am set up with Autopay through myMetronet Customer Portal. Do I have to change anything?

  • No, this change is only for customers that make payments directly through their bank or financial institution. If you have Autopay setup through our online myMetronet Customer Portal, you don’t need to change anything.

Can I pay in another way?

  • Yes, you can also make an ACH payment from your checking or savings account through the myMetronet customer portal HERE using your bank account information Please call us 877.407.3224 if you need assistance setting up a new payment method through the myMetronet portal. If you are a Business customer, please call 833.421.1718 for additional assistance.