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Rest assured, the construction phase is temporary, and we'll do our best to minimize any impact to your property. Please review the following information to ensure you know what to expect during the construction process, including two short videos with additional information.

What to expect during construction.
What is an easement?

What to expect during Metronet Installation.

Step 1

Locate Existing Utilities

All existing underground utilities will be located and marked with flags and landscape-safe paint in yards, and along the road and sidewalks.

Step 2

Expose Utilities

Next, construction teams will enter the area & begin digging to locate the existing utilities so crews can avoid damaging them as they place our fiber lines.

Step 3

Place Conduit & Fiber

Construction teams will then place conduit pipes & pull fiber through them. Completion times vary depending on the size of the neighborhood, weather, & other factors.

Step 4

Repair Impacted Areas

After the construction process is complete, crews will return to rake, seed, & straw lawns in the areas where digging occurred.
We are here to answer any questions you may have about the construction process. Please submit an inquiry with the "Ask A Question" link above, or give us a call at (877) 386-3876.