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Understanding Easements And How They Are Used During Network ConstructionOftentimes easements are in readily accessible parts of a yard and Metronet appreciates your patience.

An easement grants utility companies the legal right to access areas of a property in order to run transmission, underground electric, water, sewer, and fiber-optic lines.

Once construction begins in a neighborhood, residents will notice a series of colorful flags and temporary paint designating the location of existing utilities in their yard. These markings also indicate the areas to which Metronet crews will need access.

Oftentimes easements are in readily accessible parts of a yard. Occasionally there are obstructed easements, such as those located in a fenced-in backyard. If this occurs, Metronet needs residents’ assistance to ensure fences are unlocked so workers may access the easement. In some cases, pets may need to be secured as well. Rest assured, Metronet crews respect the properties in our construction areas and promise to exercise caution. Metronet will attempt to notify residents by knocking on doors or leaving notes detailing when crews will be entering yards to gain required access. A detailed video explaining easements is available HERE.

Metronet appreciates residents’ patience and cooperation in granting access to the easement areas and looks forward to becoming a part of the communities where their network is being constructed.