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Proceed with Caution!When Metronet crews begin construction, we make every effort to notify the communities surrounding that construction.

New construction in your neighborhood is exciting but can also be dangerous. How to avoid our construction crews so we can get lightning-fast speeds to you quickly and safely.

When Metronet begins construction in a new market, it’s an exciting time for everyone. Our crews begin quickly laying the groundwork for the infrastructure that will bring you lightning-fast fiber speeds for internet, phone and television. When Metronet crews begin construction, we make every effort to notify the communities surrounding that construction with doorhangers, signs and through our Metronet Construction portal.

To keep our crews working quickly and safely, and to keep you and your family safe during construction in your community, we encourage you to follow these safety tips when driving around our construction zones:

Plan Your Route

Whenever possible, be aware of Metronet crews that may be present on your route to and from work, school or wherever you travel. Planning ahead means you can avoid surprise delays and be on the lookout for crews and signs that signal their presence.

Watch for Signs/Signals

Metronet crews strive to clearly mark our construction zones well in advance so you can proceed with caution. Keep an eye out for those signs and follow their guidance.

Proceed with Caution!

Driving slowly through construction zones and paying attention to those you see can be vital to everyone’s safety.

Give Room

Given road types and conditions, if possible, merge lanes or swing out to give a wider berth to construction crews. Always follow safety protocols when changing lanes or merging.

Follow the Flagger

In times of congestion, Metronet construction crews may utilize a flagger to help traffic move more quickly and safely through the zone. Always ensure that you are following the directions that the flagger gives to keep you, them and other drivers safe.

Be Patient

During construction, Metronet strives to be as efficient and safe as possible but construction can be messy and delayed. As we build our network, please be patient with our crews. Your patience can help them do their jobs safely and bring our Metronet service to your home or business more rapidly.

Metronet construction crews and associates appreciate your patience with all construction related activities in your new market. To keep up with any construction in your community, remember to visit Metronet Construction.