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Metronet Construction Is Coming Your Way! Here’s What You Can ExpectBe prepared for installation and ready to provide locations of any sprinkler systems or other services.

Once Metronet begins construction of our 100% fiber network in a new city, residents will start to see our teams in the area. Metronet wants everyone to be prepared for the construction phase, and have outlined the following details to help set the right expectations.

First, residents will receive a letter, and then a postcard letting them know construction is on the way. They will also notice large signs at the entrance to neighborhoods, and smaller signs closer to mailboxes. Whenever possible, a Metronet crewmember will attempt to contact residents personally when construction is about to begin.

In order to prevent crossing over other public utilities in the area, there is a system for the gas, water, and other utilities to mark the location of their services with temporary paint and small, colorful flags before Metronet begins construction.

Once actual construction of the 100% fiber-optic network, teams will begin placing pipes underground and pulling fiber through them. The timeline for completion varies depending on the size of the neighborhood, weather, and similar variables related to establishing the network.

It is important for residents to notify Metronet of the existence of things such as an underground sprinkler system, sump pump drainage lines, or invisible dog fence. This can be done online at Metronet.com/construction.

Remember, for more information, or to discuss specifics relating to your property, visit Metronet's construction hub. Even better, you may already be able to sign up early for Metronet’s services, just call the phone number at the top of the page or check for availability here.

View THIS SHORT VIDEO for more information about Metronet’s construction process. Keep in mind, the construction period is temporary and Metronet will do everything possible to minimize the impact to neighborhoods, and, when it is complete, your city will have access to some of the fastest internet in the world!