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Why are Fiber Optics Better?

What Makes 100% Fiber So Special?

The Answer is Bandwidth.
A fiber-optic network uses tiny strands of glass, each as thin as a hair, to transmit beams of light over great distances. Those beams carry unprecedented amounts of data—much more than cable or DSL—directly to homes and businesses.

Benefits of Fiber Internet
Incredible bandwidth allowing much more data to flow through the line than any other technology, giving you all the speed you and your family need – without sharing your connection with neighbors. Fiber provides a consistently fast, 24/7 connection, with virtually no buffering.

Benefits of Fiber TV
Fiber means more data is flowing through the network meaning more data is being sent to your TV. This unprecedented amount of data delivers a crystal-clear TV picture with no stuttering, lag-time, or pixelation. Fiber TV also provides more programming features like advanced DVR capability.

Benefits of Fiber Phone
Additional bandwidth delivers clear call quality, unmatched reliability, and a deep range of phone features.

What Does This Mean In Times Like These?
As household bandwidth requirements increase sharply to meet working and schooling from home needs, Metronet’s network is built for times like these and is more than capable of meeting demands. Specifically, collective internet traffic for our customers has risen 31% over the last 30 days. In that same timeframe, despite the increased demand, only 62% of our network’s capacity has been required. Metronet is also on pace to double its internet capacity within the next 6 months, an initiative that was underway prior to the increased demand caused by the pandemic remote work and education requirements.

Check out this video for more information on the benefits of Metronet’s 100% fiber-optic network.