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What is TiVo TrickPlay?

TrickPlay is a set of TiVo features, including play, fast forward, instant replay, and rewind.. These features allow you to control the playback of live TV.

  • Play: Press to continue watching the show, to return or resume to normal speed after rewinding or fast-forwarding
  • Pause: Press to pause live TV for up to 30 minutes
  • Rewind: pressing rewind the second time to rewind faster, press the third time to go at triple speed
  • Fast Forward:
  • Advance a recorded show at a higher pace
  • Press it up to three times for three speeds
  • Press it a fourth time to resume playing

Note: Fast forward and Rewind speeds have three levels: 3x, 20x, and 60x the speed of normal TV

  • Instant Replay: press replay to repeat the last eight seconds of a show
  • Slow Motion: plays at one-fifth real time
  • Advance:
    • Instantly move forward skips ahead 30 seconds
    • Jump to the end or the beginning of the show you are watching in Live TV if you hold the button for two seconds

Note: TrickPlay control can be used in mobile.


The Pause Circle

Below the Navigation Circle are a few more buttons and the central Pause Circle. At the center of this circle is the PAUSE button, which has a slightly hollowed, concave shape. Press PAUSE to pause whatever is playing. Live TV, streaming shows, or recordings – all pause with the touch of this button

The circle around the PAUSE button has other ways of controlling playback

  • At the top of the circle is the PLAY button
  • The right of the circle is the FAST FORWARD button
  • The left of the circle is the REWIND button
  • The bottom of the circle is the SLOW button


Below the Pause Circle, just above the Letter Buttons, are the REPLAY and ADVANCE buttons.

On the left, above the A button, is the REPLAY button. Press REPLAY to repeat the last eight seconds of a show. Press and hold REPLAY to jump to the beginning of a show.

On the right, above the D button, is the ADVANCE button. Press ADVANCE to move forward in 30-second increments. Press and hold ADVANCE to jump to the end of the show. Or, if you’re fast-forwarding or rewinding, you can press ADVANCE to move to the next tick mark in the Status Bar.