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What is TiVo OnePass?


A OnePass search gathers every available episode of a series (whether streaming, broadcast TV, or on-demand), every game or match from a specific team, or every sporting event in a league and adds them right to My Shows to watch instantly.

If an episode isn't available on TV or Video On Demand, OnePass fills in the gaps with episodes from video apps like Netflix, and more. Forget about knowing when a show will be airing or wondering which streaming video service has it available: the TiVo Service does it for you, so you can start watching right away.

For sports, your OnePass search will find matches whether you search by full team or league name, location (e.g., Argentina, Brazil), nickname (e.g., Giants, Bears), or abbreviation (e.g., FIFA, NFL, NCAA, UCLA).

To create a OnePass, find a series you want to watch, then choose Create a OnePass. The show will be instantly added to My Shows and all available episodes will be added.

Note: OnePass works best when your video app list is up to date, with as many apps as possible selected.


When you create a OnePass, you can choose options that will give you exactly the results you want. You can also change the options of any existing OnePass by going to the OnePass Manager. See OnePass Manager for more information.

Options include:

  • Include: If Cloud DVR is enabled, choose to include recordings, streaming videos (from sources like Netflix), or both in your OnePass results.
  • Start from: Want to watch from the beginning? Choose Season 1. Just need to catch up? Choose a different season. Only want new episodes? Choose New episodes only.
  • Rent or buy: Decide whether to include episodes that need to be purchased before viewing. (The TiVo Service will not purchase the items for you; you will have the option to purchase them at the time of viewing.)

If your OnePass includes recordings, the following options are also available:

  • Record: Skip reruns or watch them all? Choose New only to avoid reruns, or New & repeats to get every episode.
  • Channel Choose the channel on which to record the show when more than one channel is available.
  • Video Quality: When you set the Channel setting (above) to All, you can choose how often to get the HD version of a show: always, never, or if possible. Note that if you choose Only HD and a show is not available in HD, it won’t be recorded. Likewise, if you choose Only SD and a show is only available in HD, it won’t be recorded.
  • Keep At Most: Set the maximum number of recordings to be saved.
  • Keep Until: Choose how long to keep a recording (or each episode of a repeating recording). Space needed is the default setting, or choose As Long as Possible and your TiVo device won’t delete this episode to record something new. Note that shows will be deleted automatically when they expire, regardless of this setting.
  • Start Recording: Start recording up to ten minutes before a show is scheduled to begin. (This option is available only before recording starts.)
  • Stop Recording: Some shows consistently run past their scheduled end times. Use the Stop Recording option to choose when the TiVo device stops recording: at the show's scheduled end time, a few minutes after its scheduled end time, or even hours after its scheduled end time. You can change this setting when you set up the recording, or while the recording is in progress.


OnePass searches are listed in the order you set them up: the first is at the top of the list.

To view the OnePass Manager, choose select the Menu icon from the Home screen, then choose Settings > OnePass Manager.

Use this list to change OnePass options, modify recording options (if available), view upcoming episodes, or cancel a OnePass. Highlight the show title and press OK to view available options.

Check out this short video with more information about TiVo OnePass!