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What is TiVo Cloud DVR?

When you enable the TiVoCloud DVR service, you can record shows to watch later. Your shows will be stored in the cloud for a specified period of time, dependent on your Cloud’s storage selection. Contact Metronet at (877) 407-3224 to request the Cloud DVR service.

How long will my recordings be available?

  1. 50-hour storage – 30-day limit
  2. 100-hour storage – 9-month limit

What happens when I run out of storage space?

If you set up a recording when your storage space is almost full, you’ll receive a message on your TiVo device. You can upgrade to a plan with more storage, or you can delete some of your recordings to free storage space. When you reach your storage limit, your TiVo device will begin deleting your oldest recordings to make space for new ones.

How many shows can I record at one time?

You can record as many shows as you would like at one time. Keep in mind the storage capacity of your DVR as this will be the only limiting factor when setting your recordings.