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How do I Block Adult Content From my TV?

Important: This will need to be done on each set-top box in the home that you do not want Adult Content to be seen.

  1. Press MENU and use the arrows on your remote control to select Settings, then select Parental Controls and press OK.
    1. A lock icon will appear if a PIN is already set and parental locking is in effect.
    2. An open lock means that a PIN is set, but no parental locks are in effect.
    3. No lock means that no PIN has been set.
  2. To select a PIN, select Parental Locking and press OK.
  3. Use the number buttons on your remote control to enter a four digit PIN.
  4. Enter the PIN again to confirm it.
  5. The ‘Parental Locking’ screen will appear with all of your locking options.
  6. From the ‘Parental Locking’ screen, use the arrows to move down to select Change next to ‘Adult Content’ and press OK.
  7. When the ‘Lock Adult Programs’ screen appears, use the right arrow to select Lock Adult Programs and press OK.
  8. The lock icon will appear or disappear depending on whether you are locking or unlocking the adult programs.
  9. Use the left arrow on your remote control to select Save and press OK.
  10. If you have finished setting up parental locking, use the left arrow button on your remote control to select Lock, then press OK.
  11. To leave the menu, press the EXIT button on your remote control.