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How do I Extend the Scheduled Recording Time of my Show?
  1. Press the GUIDE button on your remote control.
  2. Locate the program you want to record.
  3. Press the RECORD button. A red dot will appear next to the program title to indicate it will be recorded.
  4. Press the INFO button on your remote control.
  5. Select Record Options, press OK.
  6. Go to STOP RECORDING, press OK.
  7. Choose how long to extend the recording once the show has ended, press OK:
    1. At scheduled end time
    2. 5 minutes after
    3. 15 minutes after
    4. 30 minutes after
    5. 1 hour after
    6. 2 hours after
    7. 3 hours after
  8. Go to Save Changes, press OK.
  9. Once you are back at the Program info page your changes will be saved.