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How can I Stream Television for Free?

How can I stream for free?

There are a variety of free streaming services available. The free streaming services generally contain advertising and are referred to as FAST TV, which stands for Free Ad Supported Television. The most popular free streaming content is often included when you purchase a smart TV or a streaming device, such as Amazon Fire, Roku, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, etc. If you purchase a streaming device and do not see the free streaming service you want to watch, it is easy to search for free streaming apps with the search tool and then download the apps.

Can I watch live local news on a free streaming service?

Some local news stations are creating their own streaming app that can be downloaded to your streaming device (smart tv, streaming device, computer, tablet, or mobile phone). You will need to find the local news station streaming app you wish to watch in the app store and then download it. If you do not find your local station, you will want to contact your local news station for information.

Can I watch PBS on a free streaming service?

PBS has a free streaming service. Visit PBS.org and select the LIVE TV option. Download the PBS Video app on your streaming device (smart TV, streaming device, computer, table, or mobile phone). When you download the PBS app, be sure to register the zip code for the local PBS station that you wish to watch. You can also watch PBS on most subscription based live streaming services such as YouTube TV, DirecTV, and Hulu + Live TV.

What are some of the free channels and apps available?

Freevee, Pluto TV, Tubi, The Roku Channel, Sling Freestream, and Crackle are all free streaming services.

Freevee (freevee.com)

Freevee features an impressive library of free on-demand content. The TV selection consists of the typical free shows like cooking shows, sitcoms, etc., and many past hit series.

Pluto TV (pluto.tv)

Pluto TV has a large library of on-demand movies and television shows. Pluto TV offers a live streaming guide so users can channel surf to explore content.

Tubi (tubitv.com)

Tubi has over 40,000 films and television series in their library. Tubi also has over 100 original movies, television series, and documentaries. Tubi has limited live sports channels including selected offerings from the World Cup, NFL, NBA, Women's Sports Network, and more.

The Roku Channel (therokuchannel.roku.com)

The Roku Channel features a Roku Live TV Guide that allows users to channel surf to explore content. The Roku Channel library features original programming, over 350 channels, and 80,000 movies.

Sling Freestream (sling.com/freestream)

Sling Freestream provides access to over 400 live TV channels in a live guide and more than 40,000 on-demand movies and shows, all completely free. Sling Freestream also includes news, sports, and kids' programming.

Crackle (crackle.com)

Crackle has a massive library featuring films and tv shows from Sony Pictures, Columbia Pictures, and TriStar. The movies available change frequently, so there is always something new to watch.