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Where's My Tech?Where’s My Tech? allows you to be confident that you are opening your door to a trained Metronet technician.

At Metronet, we take the safety of our customers very seriously. With the rise in identity theft and utility scams, we are pleased to announce a new initiative to help provide you with extra security when you need to have a Metronet technician visit your home.

Recently, we introduced “Where’s My Tech?” (WMT?) WMT? is a notification system that starts when you make a service appointment for one of our trained technicians to visit your home. You’ll get a notification of that appointment via your selected communications preference (text or email) and it allows you to track your tech right to your doorstep.

Where’s My Tech? allows you to be confident that you are opening your door to a trained Metronet technician. Where’s My Tech? has the following features to make sure that you are confident in each service call:

Specific arrival time

Using Where’s My Tech? you can track your technician as they move about the service area and navigate to your doorstep. This gives you the confidence you need to know who you are welcoming into your home.

Photo and identification of technician

When you are using WMT? on the day of your appointment, the name and photo of your technician will be displayed prominently, leaving you with no questions about who will be arriving to repair your service. With this feature, when your technician arrives, you’ll be able to verify who they are both by name and face.

Where’s My Tech? is available now to all Metronet customers in all markets. When you schedule an in-home repair or service call, please confirm with your customer care or technical support representative that you have an opted-in to receiving notification by text, email, or both, and that your contact information is up-to-date so that you can receive WMT? notifications.

As always, remember any time you have a Metronet technician working in your home or in your service area, they will be in clearly marked Metronet vehicles and wearing branded uniforms. These added safety checks will help you to ensure that you do not fall victim to a utility scam.

Remember, if you ever receive a visit or call from Metronet that you believe to be fraudulent, call our customer care or technical support teams at 877-407-3224 to confirm that the encounter is legitimate.